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  • Precious Gems Engagement Ring

    Engagement rings are the ultimate symbol of commitment of love. In the ancient Egypt, girls wore an engagement ring on the ring finger of left hand marked with “love vein” that connected directly to the heart, thus starting the tradition. Later, diamond engagement rings became the symbol of commitment because diamonds are the most precious gems on the earth. Since last few years, precious gem engagement rings have got popular than diamond engagement rings.

    While precious gemstones look spectacular and add glamour to the occasion of engagement, there is still a large section of audience that stands by engagement rings with diamond as the true symbol of love. Our selection features a vast selection of gemstone engagement rings with precious gems- emeralds, ruby, sapphire, pink sapphire and tanzanite. Crafted in white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver, these engagement rings are sure to fit into your budget.

    Emerald is a precious gemstone and birthstone for May, so emerald engagement rings are perfect to woo your May born belle. Ruby symbolizes deep passion and romance in the relationship. Throughout the history of mankind, rubies were preferred over diamonds due to their brilliant color. Since last few years ruby has been the choice of royalty and has featured in various signature royal jewelry and insignias. Ruby engagement rings are ideal to propose your July born lady and seal your relationship with love. Sapphire was and is always admired for its spectacular beauty, color differences and healing powers. The blue sapphire and pink sapphires are the popular choice of sapphires. The sapphire is the symbol of trust, loyalty, faithfulness and romance. Sapphire engagement rings are perfect to seal any relationship to the altar. Tanzanite is a very recent gemstone to be discovered, but it is always appreciated for its bluish –purple hues. Tanzanite engagement rings will help you to woo your special one to the altar. Gemcare information – Most precious gemstones are hard and score above 8 on Moh’s scale, but it can be cleaned using soft brush and diluted soap solution at home. Wipe it clean with a dry piece of cloth. Periodical oiling also helps to clean the emerald and ruby. You can rub oil dipped buds over the gem, keep it overnight and wipe it with clean cloth. We offer free factory finish after 13 months of purchase.