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  • Gemstone Fashion Pendants

    Gemstone fashion pendants are really smart way to augment your appearance and beautify your personality. You can choose from vibrant sapphire, elegant ruby, royal emerald, regal tanzanite and semi precious gem pendants from our selection crafted in 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold and sterling silver. Wear a color that suits your personal style.

    Fashions change with occasions, moods, situations and outfits. Our selection features a myriad of gemstone pendant designs that cater to a variety of situations, outfits, occasions and moods such as journey pendants, solitaire pendants, heart pendants, floral pendants, charm pendants, circle pendants, star pendants, cross pendants and more. Heart pendants with gemstones are perfect for expressing your love to your lover. Diamond and gemstones studded within heart make a great choice of gift during birthdays, Valentines Day, anniversaries and other special occasions. Initial pendants with gemstones are a personal choice and they express who you are and what you are. Eternity gemstone pendants with diamonds and ruby or diamond emerald combinations are a perfect choice of jewelry for expressing your never ending love to your loved one. Most of us want to create an identity peace, keys, hearts and flowers symbols are unique and most people wear them every day. When you combine these charms with different outfits, they become fashionable. You can complete the look by teaming these trendy pendants with other gemstone jewelry from our selection.

    Most of these trendy gemstone pendants bear gemstone in a bezel and prong setting. Bezel setting offer great protection to the gem, but they make it difficult to remove or reset the stones for repolishing. Prong setting lends optic brilliance to stones and they lend protection to pear shaped and marquise cut gemstones. Gemcare Information It is easy to clean most of these pendants with gemstone at home using the mild soap solution and dry cloth. It is advised to take special care for cleaning gems measuring lesser than 8 in Mohs scale. Emerald, tanzanite, rubies and pearl requires special care. We offer free factory finish within 13 months of purchase.