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  • Diamond and gemstone eternity wedding bands, platinum, white gold and yellow gold
  • Gemstone Eternity Band

    Gemstone eternity bands are pure indulgence for couples who believe that there are various beautiful ways of expressing their love for each other. A diamond eternity band is considered the epitome of eternity and they are an asset to any relationship. Eternity bands with various gemstones is gaining popularity due to their magnificent color tones. Colored gem eternity rings are fashionable and loved by people who believe that beauty of a relationship and their jewelry should always be celebrated with a difference.

    Our selection of gemstone eternity bands will leave you amazed with its vividness and spectacular arrangement, you can select from emerald eternity bands, ruby eternity bands, sapphire eternity bands, pink sapphire eternity bands and tanzanite eternity bands. Each selection features eternity bands with brilliant cut and princess cut gems in channel, bezel and prong setting. You will also find exclusive gem eternity bands with princess cut and brilliant cut gems in channel and prong setting. All our eternity bands featuring gemstones are crafted over polished 14K white gold and 14K yellow gold and bear various gem weights.

    Emerald, diamond, ruby and sapphires are precious gemstones and jewelry made from them are treasured and passed between generations. All our eternity rings are exclusive and truly made in the USA with the purpose of passing between generations. These eternity bands are sure to become an asset in your jewelry selection. We can proudly say that these eternity ring designs are unique and you will find them rarely anywhere else. Although diamond is one of the precious gems described above, still their combination with other precious gems is appreciated. We have honored this selection by including several diamond and gemstone eternity rings in channel, bezel and prong setting. Gem Information Ruby is gemstone for July, Emerald is the gemstone for May, Tanzanite is the gemstone for December and Diamnd is the gemstone for April. You can select exclusive gemstone eternity bands for wooing your girl born in their corresponding months. Diamond and gem combination eternity bands are elegant and they will add a special charm and radiance to your relationship.