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    Bracelets add beauty to a woman's wrist and her personality. Gemstone bracelets are a step ahead and they can turn every outing into a joyous fashion event. If you look around women throughout the historical times, from Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie have worn gemstone accented bracelets to accentuate their personality.

    Precious gemstone bracelets were and are still an integral part of a woman’s jewelry wardrobe. This selection features a wide category of bracelets adorned with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, tanzanites and other gems in single or diamond alternated designs. All ourgemstone bracelets arecrafted in 14K -18K white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and platinum. If you believe you cannot afford a sparkling diamond necklace for your girl, gift her a beautiful gemstone bracelet crafted in any precious metal of your choice. Emerald bracelets are for the girl born in the May and they are unmatched in style and quality. Ruby bracelets are perfect to woo your July born girl and they represent the depth of your relationship. Sapphire bracelets are ideal for brave September born women who love that regal look always. Pink sapphire bracelets and tanzanite bracelets are rare pieces of jewelry that will continue to inspire a woman throughout her lifetime. Semi-precious bracelets will add distinction to her jewelry selection. Exotic gems bracelets are perfect for women who love to be known as a trendsetter. Pearl bracelets will add glamour and feminine touch to her jewelry wardrobe.

    It doesn’t matter whether prefer to be classy or trendy, we have scores of gemstone accented bracelets for your selection. If anyone ever told you that gemstone bracelets are indulgence of a rich woman, they were wrong. Now every woman can include beautiful gemstone adorned bracelets in their selection. Gem Care Information – Women should avoid wearing gemstone bracelets while doing hard tasks because any blow or accidental slips can disturb and damage gem settings. Most gemstone bracelets can be cleaned at home using few things such as a light soap solution, soft brush and a lint-free cloth. All our gemstone bracelets are exclusively produced in the USA.